PVC Cold Laminating Film

PVC Cold Laminating Film

 The product description

  1. PVC cold laminating film used in the single leaching from type paper g standard is 180 g (+ / - 5) g/m

  2. PVC width deviation of plus or minus 2 mm per side, allowed length of allowable deviation of + / - 0.5 M/roll

  3. The thickness of the glue is (26 +/- 2) g/m.  

The appearance description:

  1. PVC cold laminating film should be evenly around the roll shape, there is no obvious deformation and around the roll gap, the two sides are flat and level.

  2.  No wrinkle, scraping scar, leakage, defects such as bubbles, needle and impurities.

  3. PVC cold laminating film roll casting membrane when no layering and glued bad phenomenon.